Monday, September 28, 2009

I sewed !!!

I dont believe how slow the first week of the holidays have been, and with the constant rain it has been all inside..BUT, I sewed...
I finally enlarged the armholes on this top, that has been hanging around waiting...
Now it has new facing and has already been worn with pride..

I finished hand stitching the owls tummy in place..
I located full sets of 5 and sorted all my bright sewing threads
I cut out a peasant top for Miss Paige.
I went to spotlight and accidentally bought these fat flats home to gather some dust with the rest of the stash..(They are way too yummy)
Then I sewed this little number together and had a very happy customer..
And just because boys love a photo opportunity also.
How are the holidays treating you???

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why I have been missing in action!!!

I have done very little crafting of late as I am renovating my life, I joined a gym back in Jan/Feb and thought I was going to have a heart attack after 10 mins, but now I am loving it, the increased energy and the feeling of being in control of my life and being a better wife, mother and friend.. So sorry for the incommunicado but my butt has been busy stepping, kicking and squatting into a new way of life.. PS - I had to do the new jeans thing too and for the first time in 17 years I am trimmer than I was in High school....Yippee...Anyone looking for the ultimate awesome gym class, this is what I do...and its great...

Friday, July 3, 2009

An old friend.

I received a picture yesterday of an old friend, I don't see him anymore. I still think about him, I wish I could hug him, smell him and most of all ride him...(Get your mind out of the gutter)...

My dear friend had to find a new home, My two little ones are allergic to horse hair, so along with the pressures of motherhood and running a small business, my dear friend wasn't getting the attention or exercise he deserved..For anyone who knows how strong the bond is between horse and owner (especially natural horsemanship) It was a heartbreaking decision to sell my dear friend Sirocco.

I really miss the sense of freedom that riding along the river listening to the cockatoos and the wind through the trees and the clip-clop of hooves.

But I met the most amazing woman...It was a chilly morning out in the paddock, this very quite spoken woman walked up to my friend and it was like the start of a love affair.. She saw his almost human like nature and his beauty of course, but that he was a trustworthy and intelligent gentleman..She took him home!...I cried and cried, but every now and then (like yesterday) I am reminded of how much he means to her and that he is being spoilt rotten and living the life of true horse luxury.. (He gets to go to the beach all the time!, lucky thing!!)
Apologies for the lack of craft in this post, But seriously, it is the school holidays and just getting the beds made is a bonus..
ha ha....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Murphy the escaping cat...

Also, I have been trying to get the camera out and catch this little guy..

Check out our cheeky Murphy. They sure are a smart breed...

Those gotta have but dont need things...

You know those little gadgets that when you see them demonstrating them, something inside you starts poking your brain "Ooh, Ooh, I want one of those!!!Gotta have it.." Here is one of those little but rather expensive things that I finally got to use...
It is a Janome even-feed foot (A tractor foot/bulldozer - so my 3yo son says), It comes in a swanky little case with a range of attachments for wide hems, rolled hems, bias attachment blah blah blah... Because it feeds both sides of the needle and tilts from side to side also I used it to sew these damn selvedges together.. I decided to incorporate these few into my quilt back so that I would never forget what the fabric was..
After sewing these few bitz, I have the most overwhelming admiration for the dress, chair, umbrella and other stuff that Jodie has made, honestly the patience level for this job is huge...This is enough for me..Just a strip to put in the brick road that I am making for the quilt back.
Anyway..I finally took a focused shot of the purse in the Sandra Banava fabric...made from the pattern purchased from Nicole Mallalieu...
here tis...

Monday, June 1, 2009

The purse and the stalking cat..

I finally found some quiet ME time to make this cute little coin purse, to put the kids lunch money/parking meter money in, away from greedy little fingers.. I followed the VERY strict detailed instructions (apart from the glue warning) and am very pleased with the reults, although I think the next one will be better...experience is better than hindsight. You can buy the pattern or the kits from Nikki, and the tip about the glue! less is definitely better...

I have been dealing with recurring tonsilitis and the circle of life which I have decided is actually like this ..."I have a snotty nose and sore throat, I will pass it to you, then you can give it to him, then he can pass it right on back!!!" That sounds like the REAL circle of life...
I have been crocheting newsboy caps like mad after a flurry of sales got me a little motivated.
I have also been crocheting a (lifesaver icypole) scarf for Miss Paige, secretly I think it will itch her and I will get it back, so I am making it nice and long..

Whilst resting up to get over the bugs in this house the only person with energy to burn has been Murphy.. Stalking at every opportunity,, he nearly knocked the camera out of my hands..They are so funny honestly, they think if you look at them and they freeze that they wont be noticied...But turn the other way and its gotcha, a high five with claaws..............See him playing peek a boo...I'm gonna get you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goodness from yesteryear

I have had some serious postie love this past week and also some absolute vintage treasures come my way too!!
Firstly I recieved this pattern from the amazing Kellie at Dont Look Now.. I will promise to make something from this one day!
Then this adorable kinnear fabric from Liberty of London arrived from the UK. I have been drooling over and wanting to find and buy this for a very very long time!!!
Finally... nearly a whole metre.....yippee and a little snippet of purple (Im thinking for a kinder doll dress maybe??)

I am so so so excited to have recieved these books that belonged to my grandmother, Vera.
My Aunt passed them to me and I am feeling very very lucky!!!

What a fancy nightie selection???

There are things in these books I have never even heard of before, like jerkins (what the?) and lots of other obviously necessary attire from yesteryear with very odd names.
I have enjoyed flicking through them and the tailoring advice is wonderful. I do not however think that my girls will be asking for any garments out of these books.. Very Lucille Ball.. not at all very 'rock chic'..

Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a hoot!!

I would like to introduce you to my newest family addition...Hooty the Owl..

I have a thing for these little guys, I have one on my keyring even.
My dear friend Natasha MADE this for me for my birthday..
I have to tell you that it is the first handmade gift I have received since I was a child..
I have given out my fair share of handmade things but never realised the intense humbling feeling to know that someone has spent so much time for your benefit...Thanks again Tash!!

He has a cute hand stitched tummy and the cutest little feet! And eyes that go on forever..( Perhaps I should call him Jamie?? as in Durie!! , wouldn't mind finding him hiding in my garden!!)he he.....

Anyway after feeling the handmade love I decided to wiggle my tail and weave in the threads on a stack of crocheted beanies and bakers boys and pop them onto made-it.. So someone else can enjoy some handmade...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back living again!! - the no sew school holidays..

Hi there, I just want to make it clear that this IS A SEWING BLOG!!! (and crafty other stuff) but because I didnt get to do any of that stuff over the school hol's, I am going to bore you with the things that I did get up to!!..
Firstly (so I have a nice picture at the top) I did cover these 3 canvases with my very special Aunty Cookie fabric from Kelani...
NOW, onto the other stuff (so you dont think Ive been hibernating for a month!)

We decided to do the backyard finally in the holidays, so in true Extreme style the hubby bought in the digger to prepare the site... Lets call this the BEFORE picture

We spent the first weekend of the school holidays in Melbourne gathering some large palms for our back yard.. Yes my hubby does everything to the Extreme... Let me tell you it was a long, tiring weekend but very worth it.. If anyone had to drive along the western highway with a palm tree poking into their windscreen in the wee ours of the morning, I sincerely apologise..Then with lots of coffees and lots of beeping and dirt through the house we nearly have a pool hole... It is finished now but I have failed to take a shot of that yet..

By the time the pool is ready to swim in, the penguins should be ready to leave the aquarium and they can move straight in..ha ha..not!

I received the most lovely prize from dear Wynona over at Ivy Designs... Thankyou soo much..
It was the most lovely wrapped parcel , The girls loved the button rings and I was the lucky model for the hair clip, and that bag oh my!! It is reserved for special girly functions (yes to share!!!)...
Oh the joy of those school holidays.. I need to reacquaint myself with the clothesline because the dryer was way too much easier in times of chaos..
I thought this would be quick but after all the accidental deleting of photos and the spreading out that happens everytime I upload another photo (because of my accidental deleting) this has taken a painful hour or more!!! Damn I am home alone, little man at kinder and I had intended on rebooting the Janome's from their long slumber, but now its time to fly again... Oh when will life slow down???
PS - I had a birthday last week, check out those gorgeous flowers from my MIL...Happy sewing all you lucky people who can actually find the time!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stitches and Craft review.

I went, I saw amazing things, I met amazing people.. The day was awesome!!
My friend Jacqui from my sewing group came too and we had a great day out.
I didnt take the camera, but Jacqui took this one of me in front of my favourite quilt pattern, the Aunt Becs 9 patch... ( I look like a damn rabbit!)

I picked up a few fat quarters from the infamous amitie, A long coveted pattern from Jodie for the kinder girls, A purse frame kit from Nicole Mallalieu, Some postcards and tags from Fii, Some wool from Yarn Barn and a few beads and things...

I had some of the sewing girls around last night and I shouldve taken some pics but got sidetracked playing the wii.. I was a little bugged as the linen for the back of my quilt was all sold out and I have now decided to make a patchwork back also..

I have also been busy crocheting this lovely scarf from ravelry after seeing this one.. It isnt as bold as I had hoped, as dear hubby said, the colors look a little like vomit. (Thanks honey!)

I am feeling very poorly this afternoon, The old saying goes -'if you cant beat them join them'.. Hubby dragged me to the gym about a month ago and now I am enjoying at least 3 trips a week..( I even joined him at bootcamp for a morning- holy crap!!)

I stepped the pace up a little with his challenge of doing BodyAttack this morning.. Oh how unfit am I, I sweated so much I have had a headache all day, despite drinking so much that the toilet has been my best friend all avo..

Friday, March 13, 2009

My very first quilt top!!!

I am very pleased with myself, I have finished my very first quilt top. A dissapearing nine patch with sashes and borders in linen.. I dont mind it at all..
I am unsure wether to do the hand quilting thing in the raved about perle thread or if I should quilt it by machine? I saw one online that had waves from side to side and I thought it looked very modern and it was something I could do myself without years of practise first (Like the dreaded freehand stippling).
I will think about it, maybe I will see something on SUNDAY!!

I am sooo very looking forward to going to the stitches and craft on Sunday!. From all reports it is bigger than ben-hur. Myself and a couple of fellow crafters from the sticks are heading to the big smoke to check out the talent and I hope to put some faces to the names that I have been lurking on for some time..
I have also been rather taken with my crochet and have joined ravelry, which has only added fuel to the fire.. I have finished a scarf and am trying my damndest at a new unusual looking scarfy thing now, once again, who knows what amazing stuff I will see on SUNDAY..