Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back in the land of sewing`

Oh it feels like forever, I think I had inherited someone elses tumbleweed... This space has been well and truly deserted for some time now... Tsk tsk..

I have been sewing but havent found time to report it.. so here is a really quick catch up.

I have just finished adding the pictures to my last post ( a month old), after waiting for the pictures to upload, now I understand why I never have time to do this....

After a small amount of stitching thismorning, I have the enthusiasm to upload some more pictures.

My friend who came for a hat making sewathon this morning had made a gorgeous skirt for her daughter and my girls loved it. So as I approved of the cutesy fabric (It is brown!!! whats not to love!!!) I headed off and bought the fabric and tackled one for Miss4.5... I used embroidery thread in the loopers of the overlocker to give the edge a nice sheen... I like it.

I also added a layer at the bottom to give it some weight and a bit of a contrast.

She has worn it quite a few times and had lots of compliments too.. That's always a great reward. A happy child in a project that didn't take long..

It does help when there is very little procrastinating over what fabrics to use...

Another reason I think I have been missing in blogland is that I am totally addicted to Project Runway.. I love it, I could watch it every day. It is just the ulitmate for a garment sewer like me.. The Australian version starts next week and I cannot wait.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Found my Mojo

I have finally polished and cleaned enough to earn a sewing day. My sewing group got together yesterday and we all had a great time, sewing, drafting, cutting and embroidering (and scoffing buns and scones)....I drafted off a pattern from my newest Japanese Pattern book and even took some shots while packing up last night. My husband giving me the big hmph when glancing at the sewing stuff that had migrated from my sewing room onto the kitchen table... Hey, how unsociable to sew in a different room from my friends???

I made a blouse from my newest and absolute favourite Japanese pattern book. I used a nice lilac hailspot type fine cotton (as miss 6 loves purple) Despite the intricate appearance of the front, it went together suprisingly easy. Now I just have to sew the button holes and buttons on (that may take another 6 months to get to!!)

I altered the collar to have a curved edge instead of square. I think it softens it off a bit..