Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nanna knitting bug

Ha, my dear friend tells me I have the Nanna knitting bug.... he he.

I was inspired recently to have a go at crochet.
My nanna did teach me years and years (ok about 25 years) ago. The old granny round the square kind of blanket crochet....
SO I headed to spotlight, bought a book, 'Learn to crochet".
I already had the beanie pattern and I thought I'll give it a go... Well now I am doing double, treble, halftreble and even had a go at this yummy flower!!!. I managed to finish a whole beanie in about 4 hours.. This was fun and very relaxing.. not to mention space friendly too..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Snowy Sunday

Who doesn't have to drink coffee while sewing?? I do, litres of the stuff. I had a lovely day completing a project that I have been trying to finish for weeks, a baby blanket for the little man featured here....

I have had a great weekend. Friday and Saturday where great sewing days and I got quite a bit of sorting out done..

First I needed to have a cleanup, dear husband bought me a little gift.. I had been complaining for a while (not like me! - ha ha) about the lack of drawer space, so he got me a little trolley and it is fabulous, I feel like a hairdresser, it has all my vitals and I can have it beside me no matter which machine I am using.... Love it....

So onto the blanket for little Rory. I chose the brown birdsfeather and then which check??? Oh go I procrastinate.... I went for the bottom one in the end..

First I digitised his name into an applique and got that bit on the go..

Then a bit of a squareup. and start on the edging.

Fold over the edges and mitre the corners, then stitch down ..

Today is another story. It is freezing. There is no other description than wintry. I am trying to decide on some designs to make up for summer and I just cant wrap my head around the whole concept. So onto Plan B. The kids are driving me insane. They are sick of being indoors, so a quick phone call to the tourist information centre and ask if it had been snowing up in the Grampians. The answer was a delightful 'YES, It still is!!!".

That was it, dish up the homemade soup, scoff down a banana each, Hubby grabbed a cooler bag full of snacks, I grabbed the coats and the girls got their gloves. Off we went in search of "very rare snow" as Miss 6.5 pointed out.

The ambient temp on the car said 3 degrees as we made the 10km climb to the car park.

We were passing cars coming down covered in snow, then it began snowing on the car as we drove.. Awesome!!!

The kids were so excited they would hardly wait to put on the winter woollies. It was amazing.

Miss P was so thrilled to have the biggest snowball, she waited just for the right moment and planted it on dad when he wasn't looking!!! Cheeky bugger..

We didn't stay long as it was bloody freezing.....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vera Jean here I come

I have finally done it, I have chosen a name for my wares.
After having lists of names hanging around for months now.
I have tried to combine, search for opposites, synonyms, foreign languages,You name it.
I have gone completely left of field and chosen something completely unlikely and have decided to register the name "Vera Jean". Plus it wasn't taken like many others I liked...

It is a combination of my two grandmothers. They are/were both extremely talented crafters. I still have my Nanna Jean. She still sews today in her late 80's. My Nanna Vera passed away a week before my wedding, (10 years ago). She and my Pop lived straight over the back fence of our first home (yeah we lived in sin for a while)... Vera was an obsessed historian and had books on everything. I can clearly remember playing scrabble at the card table in front of the heater if we were fortunate enough to stay for a visit. She always kept an enormous dictionary beside her recliner to settle any arguments. She was a very clever lady, somehow she had trained my Poppy and he did all the washing ironing and even dishes and vacuuming.. Way to go lady.
I had sewing group last night and took along a stack of items that just needed buttonholes and buttons. I hate buttonholes...and sewing on buttons.
I have been very absent over the past months , and for very good reason. I am the fundraising coordinator at my daughters kinder and have spent the last many months organising a fundraising dinner auction. It has been a lot of hard and thankless work but it has all paid off. The auction was a huge success and we raised over $9,000.00 . So now I have trodden that path I am more than pleased to have my spare time and life back. SO here I come. watch out,....