Friday, December 19, 2008

Sewing in the silly season

I have managed at long last to make the kids some Christmas Stockings.. I even made one for my darling little niece as she will be staying with us at Christmas time too!

I couldn't locate the exact fabric I was after, but I am quite proud of what I did end up with.

I found a lovely Michael Miller print of the Christmas stockings, but due to the pink factor, I had to source a "boy" type print.. I found the cute nutcrackers one after sorting through lots and lots of nasty gold printed festive prints.. Some co-ordinating stripes and trims and off to start my long awaited project.

I bought myself an i-pod last week and sewing has taken on a whole new meaning.. Lucky our neighbours haven't finished their new home just out from my sewing room window yet, as those earplugs sure give a sense of false security when singing along to the "hits of the 80's".. At least there will be no stray cats nearby whilst I am sewing late at night ... he he.
Merry Christmas to all and heres hoping there is more crafting time in 2009..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Pear, the pins and the pussycat...


First you gotta get the pin head in your teeth,
they all taste the same, any color is fine
although the flower ones are easier..

Then you just pull em out and drop em, easy as that!!
they make an awesome PING sound when they hit.
Check out the mess it makes, this is great fun...
Quickly settle down and look innocent and the heat will be off!

Who me??? Nope, just been here sleeping the whole time..
ask that little boy with the noisy truck that scares the @#$% out of me!!

After the worst 2 days in a very long time, I finally have the energy to laugh about this little escapade by our newest family member..Murphy the menace!
Thanks Jodie for reminding me how to see the funny in what is sometimes a very unfunny life..

Being a mother of 3, Husband to one (missing in action- its harvest) husband as well as the cleaner, chef, ironing lady, moderator, disciplinarian, dietary and welfare manager to all of the 4 aforementioned is a very thankless and not so inspiring task most of the time.

I had a sewing job fall into my lap last week and you will be surprised to know that I am sewing a 'french maid' fancy dress costume.. Imagine the title choices I could have made up with this mixed bag.. the pussycat, the maid, I will let you giggle like I did.. but I was not wanting any uncrafty types popping in off a weird google search.