Friday, December 19, 2008

Sewing in the silly season

I have managed at long last to make the kids some Christmas Stockings.. I even made one for my darling little niece as she will be staying with us at Christmas time too!

I couldn't locate the exact fabric I was after, but I am quite proud of what I did end up with.

I found a lovely Michael Miller print of the Christmas stockings, but due to the pink factor, I had to source a "boy" type print.. I found the cute nutcrackers one after sorting through lots and lots of nasty gold printed festive prints.. Some co-ordinating stripes and trims and off to start my long awaited project.

I bought myself an i-pod last week and sewing has taken on a whole new meaning.. Lucky our neighbours haven't finished their new home just out from my sewing room window yet, as those earplugs sure give a sense of false security when singing along to the "hits of the 80's".. At least there will be no stray cats nearby whilst I am sewing late at night ... he he.
Merry Christmas to all and heres hoping there is more crafting time in 2009..


Lavon said...

These look beautiful! I love the way you did the names. I so want and machine that can do that type of stitching.

noolygirl said...

Happy holidays!
Your Christmas stockings are stunning!
I love reading you.... wish you'd write more often....