Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Pear, the pins and the pussycat...


First you gotta get the pin head in your teeth,
they all taste the same, any color is fine
although the flower ones are easier..

Then you just pull em out and drop em, easy as that!!
they make an awesome PING sound when they hit.
Check out the mess it makes, this is great fun...
Quickly settle down and look innocent and the heat will be off!

Who me??? Nope, just been here sleeping the whole time..
ask that little boy with the noisy truck that scares the @#$% out of me!!

After the worst 2 days in a very long time, I finally have the energy to laugh about this little escapade by our newest family member..Murphy the menace!
Thanks Jodie for reminding me how to see the funny in what is sometimes a very unfunny life..

Being a mother of 3, Husband to one (missing in action- its harvest) husband as well as the cleaner, chef, ironing lady, moderator, disciplinarian, dietary and welfare manager to all of the 4 aforementioned is a very thankless and not so inspiring task most of the time.

I had a sewing job fall into my lap last week and you will be surprised to know that I am sewing a 'french maid' fancy dress costume.. Imagine the title choices I could have made up with this mixed bag.. the pussycat, the maid, I will let you giggle like I did.. but I was not wanting any uncrafty types popping in off a weird google search.


Jodie said...

Hey Miss Eloise does the same thing - she is happy just to pull them all out and drop them. Glad you have a sweetie to laugh at - laughs can be hard to find sometimes. Great Post!!

noolygirl said...

what a sweet cat!
I was beginning to worry about you... you haven't posted in ages... glad things are alright (as alright as they can be under the cicumstances)...

Bianca said...

He is so cute! Glad to see you can still laugh at the madness of life. See you in 2 1/2 weeks! xox

Kylie said...

Glad that you have found something to laugh at - hope that the dreaded locus' arent causing havoc for you!

What a cute cat - Amelia keeps asking for a cat!

Stacey said...

What a beautiful boy. He's sure to keep you entertained. Kittens are such little characters and Siamese even more so.
He's lovely

emma said...

Mr Pringle does the same thing! When he was a kitten I would keep finding all the pins taken out of the pin cushion and have know idea how it happened. Worked it out eventually. Funny Cats.