Friday, July 3, 2009

An old friend.

I received a picture yesterday of an old friend, I don't see him anymore. I still think about him, I wish I could hug him, smell him and most of all ride him...(Get your mind out of the gutter)...

My dear friend had to find a new home, My two little ones are allergic to horse hair, so along with the pressures of motherhood and running a small business, my dear friend wasn't getting the attention or exercise he deserved..For anyone who knows how strong the bond is between horse and owner (especially natural horsemanship) It was a heartbreaking decision to sell my dear friend Sirocco.

I really miss the sense of freedom that riding along the river listening to the cockatoos and the wind through the trees and the clip-clop of hooves.

But I met the most amazing woman...It was a chilly morning out in the paddock, this very quite spoken woman walked up to my friend and it was like the start of a love affair.. She saw his almost human like nature and his beauty of course, but that he was a trustworthy and intelligent gentleman..She took him home!...I cried and cried, but every now and then (like yesterday) I am reminded of how much he means to her and that he is being spoilt rotten and living the life of true horse luxury.. (He gets to go to the beach all the time!, lucky thing!!)
Apologies for the lack of craft in this post, But seriously, it is the school holidays and just getting the beds made is a bonus..
ha ha....