Saturday, April 19, 2008

I love crafty pressies

I had the joy of attending a garage sale today, It was called "100's of rolls of fabrics". It sure was...a fabric shop closed down and I got a real bargain.. I got this little gem for only $7 per metre... I love a bargain.. I think I would like to make some Christmas stockings for the kids. I have seen some yummy ones around. At least I am planning ahead.. Then planning and doing are a far cry from each other.

For my birthday, my dear mother bought me these two dressmakers squares..She was shaking her head at me using a little 20cm square trying to mark out my bag last week and decided it would be more appreciated than perfume or the like..
You know its only since I have had children of my own that I can really relate to my mother and understand where she is coming from. 2006 was a very unifying year for my mother and I. She underwent a 23hour operation to remove cancer and her soft palate and cheekbone. She nearly lost an eye and had no teeth for 12 months. She had a piece of bone taken from her pelvis to create a new cheekbone and upper jaw. And a muscle from her leg to make a new roof of her mouth, it is amazing what doctors can do these days but it was the scariest week of my life.
She has had a long battle recovering from surgery, radiotherapy and having people look at her funny. She is my inspiration. She is the bravest person and despite all the obstacles she has faced in the last 18 months she has still got compassion for me when I have a shitty day. And a lot of people including me admire her for her strength of character, and perhaps her broad mind.
So yes I love my mum, she has given me many gifts - life, the skills to sew, and much much more. Now these little beauties will help me enjoy my special time..
Next job is to get dear husband to make a hook to hang them on so the kids do not try to use them as "Boomerangs!!!"

I also scored this great 3mtr tape measure today at the garage sale..I have never seen one. I spend most of my weekend wearing my tape measure around my neck so I best be sure not to trip.. (I don't understand why kids that have been in bed for half an hour decide they are hungry??) Out here in the sticks it is very smokey...the farmers are all burning off and the smell reminds me of camping I love it...(Better go and put Mister 2 back in bed again!!!, why can they eat more weetbix at bedtime than they can for breakfast??) and why do husband always have a job that needs doing somewhere between 6.00 and 9.00??

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First time tagged.........

Thanks so very much, I've been tagged for the very first time, by the queen of fray and babycakes.
I will do my best, So here goes..
Four jobs I've had:
Office administration - Wholesale food Distributor
I was the only female amongst 14 men! I know lots about mens genitals and football, not by choice.. Once again lots of free food.. 4 years
Office Manager - Real Estate
Wore a lovely suit, got my license, got bored...2 years
Accounts Manager - Wholesale Food distributor(Same place)
Felt like I never left, Learnt more about blokey things, took maternity leave, never went back....I miss the laughs though...4years
Mother - partner in own business
Oh gee all the time I spent envying those mothers pushing their prams around the streets when I had to work... I am on duty 24/7 and wouldnt have it any other way.
Four places I have lived.
I have lived in the same district all my life
Western Victoria..
Four Places I have been on a holiday
I have travelled around Australia twice, lots of places. But the special places that come to mind are:
Brampton Island - Honeymoon
Kakadu - Northern Territory
Broome - Western Australia
Daintree - Queensland
Four of my favourite dishes
Anything chicken, I dont do any other meats at all..
Chocolate, I am addicted to chocolate
Caffeine - however it comes, coffee or coke (addicted here too)
Cheesecake - preferably baked..
Four websites I visit daily
Dashin Fashion
Thanks for that Emma, I will have to find some crafty types to hand this onto...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Life is Great, and ironic...

Here are the pictures of the finished bag I promised....
I had a stupid thought, Applique it freehand....!!!!!!What a silly idea that was. Whimsical and utterly stupid.. I have a state of the art embroidery machine and my own digitizing software and I now appreciate it to the fullest extent. I promise I will never irk at the thought of hooping up and finding the right stabiliser again.... It is way easier and unless it is for aesthetic purposes, refuse to applique like that... For starters I was daft enough to trace the letters the right way up ...about to iron the fabric on and realise that it was going to look pretty weird in mirror image... Learn from the experience isn't that what they say.. Cute mess though...

This is the front pocket panel on the bag with the new little boys name..

and matching side pockets too!!!

I am having trouble thinking on one track at the moment , I will be another year older tomorrow aaaarrrgh....yep more grey hairs and wrinkles, I'll blink and be an old fuddy duddy before I know it.. I am trying to think up a name for my sewing stuff. One that I can register and isn't taken... Well what a headache.. I have searched high and low for inspiration.. Song names, Paint colour charts, Family tree book, children's bookshelf, and asked friends of course the ... Whilst browsing for something suitable I found these gorgeous prints in an old book I have. I thought they were too cute not to share... Like I said my mind is all over the shop..cant focus at all...Must need more coffee....(or perhaps less?)

I have pictured a gorgeous dress I must sew, I have located a similar pattern and will modify it to suit. It will be made from chocolate linen and I hope it looks as great in real life as it does in my mind.. Stay tuned for that one, I must first learn to focus..! (Yes Yoda)
Oh for those who love freebie patterns I found this gorgeous little doll pattern for download, it is from the most successful seller on etsy..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snakes and Ladders

I have just completed the construction of a 7 storey Snakes and Ladders board for the kids.. Obviously this was a gift from someone without children!!!
It has kept the entertainment going for a little while. I should be trying out that differential feed and my gathering foot with test strips that I was supposed to have cut out.. Or maybe sewing up some hats that I was supposed to have already cut out.. Oh damn. Why cant I have little elves just like the shoemaker did..
I have been looking in my Japanese pattern books, but I want a winter dress, that is not gathered. I am not big on the Little House on the Prairie look.. A wrap dress would be nice, but that is a bit high needs in the getting dressed department, perhaps a shift with a placket will do..
Procrastinate, um and aarh, ho more, Go through some old Topkids magazines.. I have nearly every issue, including number 1... Some reeeaaal gross stuff in the 8o's ones.. Lycra, headbands, frill skirts with leggings and the batwing windcheaters, uknow, the cyndi lauper era..
But there is a whole set of lovely euro style fashions from years ago..
I finished the bag and will .................

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Project Runway

Oh I have a new favourite show...Project runway, what a wicked show for the fashion inspired sewer.. One older contestant on there was definitely 'out there' ,she should have been out first off for not being able to use a sewing machine...
I will add that I am having severe withdrawals from Prison Break and Lost..What is going on??
And not to mention 'What about Brian?" That was the greatest show ever, and it only lasted five minutes.. I know TV is evil, fills your brain with rot, makes your eyes go square( I tell my kids the same bad lies that my parents told me). But what is worse, TV or internet? You can still pin things together or iron whilst watching tv and unless I grow another arm that's not going to happen soon whilst typing..

Anyway I have started another project today. I have a name bag to make for a little boy who was born into the extended family.. (wow that sounded very well worded.. I need to know how to cross out the oopsy sentence so you can see how funny it looked when I wrote that my cousin had just had his first baby!...not at all correct...Please someone tell me how to do that line through the words thing..

Back to the story, 2 trips to Spotlight, found some great fabric.. A canvas type cotton print with vintage cowboys and wagons... I have more checks and plain linens and stuff in the stash to co-ordinate with it, So now to make the bag. Here is a pic of the fabric.

I have made bags for all my kids with their names appliqued on the front pocket. They are great for sleepovers, kinder or swimming.
I need to get onto sewing that bag and for once I am going to applique the name freehand instead of digitizing it on the computer for the embroidery machine.. I like the look better (thanks Judy!).. Although it might wait till tommorrow now. Does anyone else imagine made up articles in their sleep? I think it is my brains way of saving the angst of unpicking a bad colour combo..
Happy sewing till next time.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

So much to sew, So little time .........

Oh my glory, aren't these school holidays just the bees knees!!! You gotta love all those lovely well mannered patient little people being oh so quiet and tidy.. Oh and not to mention being oh so pleasant toward one another at ALL times... What a JOY...(OOpps, wake up your dreaming).
Today I finished a dress for Miss6 that she saw a photo of in my stash of Studio Bambini's... I picked the fabric and played around with a few similar winter pinnafore pictures I found here and there... This is what we came up with...

She wore it to a Birthday Party this afternoon and thought she was just it and a bit!!!!!! But don't all 6 year old girls??? I had to put an elastic panel at the back as Miss tall and lanky wanted it tighter....But I put it in between the outer in lining. worked well, looks very RTW.

We did managed to get away and have an Easter Holiday, We were going to swing by France or Italy (just kidding). Swan Hill was good enough. Weather was great and the whole extended family came along. Swimming everyday, mini-golf, shopping and lots of Tia-Maria..

We father took us all a trip on a paddlesteamer trip. The kids were very excited for the first 15 minutes - There's a fish, look at that duck, I can see a cow. Here comes a boat... Then boredom set in and the next 45 minutes were very high maintenance. You can imagine explaining to a 2 year old why he should not stand on the seat and lean over the rails!!! Oh well, It will be a good one for show and tell....I did get a nice picture of the girls wearing their bucket hats before the frowns set in...

I have been procrastinating plenty and have finally taken photos of all the summer nighties to put in my Made-It shop... Good one, winters nearly here!!!!!!!!!

Rousabout nighties, my girls love them!!!!!!!

My next project that I am putting off is trying to work out a method of sewing 3 tiered skirts using only the overlocker and not having to hand gather at all... Brave arent I...I figure if I can get the ratio right I can use the gathering foot and do it in one pass. I havent quite worked out how to jump the last inch, but I am sure I will find out soon enough.. I need to go and cut a whole stack of little strips to get the ratio right.. I knew I was keeping those scraps for a reason....
I would like you all to go over and see this very crafty lady who would have to be the best offering of light humour a tired and weary sewer/mother can find 24 hours a day... Check out her dolls, they are so gorgeous and oh so cheeky too... Please check her out.

Also If you have anyone needing a baby gift, check out the great items for sale by the very clever Emmarose...

Phew its tiring tooting all those horns, but if you've checked them out you will agree I am sure..
Well until next time, happy ironing, cleaning, cooking and hopefully sewing/crafting to you all.