Thursday, April 10, 2008

Project Runway

Oh I have a new favourite show...Project runway, what a wicked show for the fashion inspired sewer.. One older contestant on there was definitely 'out there' ,she should have been out first off for not being able to use a sewing machine...
I will add that I am having severe withdrawals from Prison Break and Lost..What is going on??
And not to mention 'What about Brian?" That was the greatest show ever, and it only lasted five minutes.. I know TV is evil, fills your brain with rot, makes your eyes go square( I tell my kids the same bad lies that my parents told me). But what is worse, TV or internet? You can still pin things together or iron whilst watching tv and unless I grow another arm that's not going to happen soon whilst typing..

Anyway I have started another project today. I have a name bag to make for a little boy who was born into the extended family.. (wow that sounded very well worded.. I need to know how to cross out the oopsy sentence so you can see how funny it looked when I wrote that my cousin had just had his first baby!...not at all correct...Please someone tell me how to do that line through the words thing..

Back to the story, 2 trips to Spotlight, found some great fabric.. A canvas type cotton print with vintage cowboys and wagons... I have more checks and plain linens and stuff in the stash to co-ordinate with it, So now to make the bag. Here is a pic of the fabric.

I have made bags for all my kids with their names appliqued on the front pocket. They are great for sleepovers, kinder or swimming.
I need to get onto sewing that bag and for once I am going to applique the name freehand instead of digitizing it on the computer for the embroidery machine.. I like the look better (thanks Judy!).. Although it might wait till tommorrow now. Does anyone else imagine made up articles in their sleep? I think it is my brains way of saving the angst of unpicking a bad colour combo..
Happy sewing till next time.

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Emmarose said...

Nice fabric. I have been told all my stuff is too PINK! But I love this fabric.... Guess I need to sew for a few more boys! Can't wait to see the finished bag. Are you on Wahmania yet, ot not bothered? I don't seem to ever watch TV anymore, but I like the sound of the 3 arms thing.... Let me know how to buy one teehee