Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snakes and Ladders

I have just completed the construction of a 7 storey Snakes and Ladders board for the kids.. Obviously this was a gift from someone without children!!!
It has kept the entertainment going for a little while. I should be trying out that differential feed and my gathering foot with test strips that I was supposed to have cut out.. Or maybe sewing up some hats that I was supposed to have already cut out.. Oh damn. Why cant I have little elves just like the shoemaker did..
I have been looking in my Japanese pattern books, but I want a winter dress, that is not gathered. I am not big on the Little House on the Prairie look.. A wrap dress would be nice, but that is a bit high needs in the getting dressed department, perhaps a shift with a placket will do..
Procrastinate, um and aarh, ho more, Go through some old Topkids magazines.. I have nearly every issue, including number 1... Some reeeaaal gross stuff in the 8o's ones.. Lycra, headbands, frill skirts with leggings and the batwing windcheaters, uknow, the cyndi lauper era..
But there is a whole set of lovely euro style fashions from years ago..
I finished the bag and will .................

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Emmarose said...

I have noticed there are a lot of Cyndi revivals in the retail fashion stores lately. y'know, high wasted shorts, and pleated balloon skirts, weird AND scarey. They weren't even that great the first time round! Everything comes back into fashion soon enough, so maybe some 'Little House on the praire' dresses might be the next new vogue!!!!