Saturday, April 19, 2008

I love crafty pressies

I had the joy of attending a garage sale today, It was called "100's of rolls of fabrics". It sure was...a fabric shop closed down and I got a real bargain.. I got this little gem for only $7 per metre... I love a bargain.. I think I would like to make some Christmas stockings for the kids. I have seen some yummy ones around. At least I am planning ahead.. Then planning and doing are a far cry from each other.

For my birthday, my dear mother bought me these two dressmakers squares..She was shaking her head at me using a little 20cm square trying to mark out my bag last week and decided it would be more appreciated than perfume or the like..
You know its only since I have had children of my own that I can really relate to my mother and understand where she is coming from. 2006 was a very unifying year for my mother and I. She underwent a 23hour operation to remove cancer and her soft palate and cheekbone. She nearly lost an eye and had no teeth for 12 months. She had a piece of bone taken from her pelvis to create a new cheekbone and upper jaw. And a muscle from her leg to make a new roof of her mouth, it is amazing what doctors can do these days but it was the scariest week of my life.
She has had a long battle recovering from surgery, radiotherapy and having people look at her funny. She is my inspiration. She is the bravest person and despite all the obstacles she has faced in the last 18 months she has still got compassion for me when I have a shitty day. And a lot of people including me admire her for her strength of character, and perhaps her broad mind.
So yes I love my mum, she has given me many gifts - life, the skills to sew, and much much more. Now these little beauties will help me enjoy my special time..
Next job is to get dear husband to make a hook to hang them on so the kids do not try to use them as "Boomerangs!!!"

I also scored this great 3mtr tape measure today at the garage sale..I have never seen one. I spend most of my weekend wearing my tape measure around my neck so I best be sure not to trip.. (I don't understand why kids that have been in bed for half an hour decide they are hungry??) Out here in the sticks it is very smokey...the farmers are all burning off and the smell reminds me of camping I love it...(Better go and put Mister 2 back in bed again!!!, why can they eat more weetbix at bedtime than they can for breakfast??) and why do husband always have a job that needs doing somewhere between 6.00 and 9.00??


dontlooknow said...

Hi Jo! I thought I would come take a look at your blog! Well you've gone and made me cry in the first post I've read! You are so very lucky to have such a beautiful mum. I hope that all continues to progress well for her she sounds like a very strong woman.

Cathy said...

Your mum sounds like a fantastic lady - you are very lucky to have her.

Hope you have a great day.

Love your pressies!

Emmarose said...

I have recently remarked in my own blog, how truly amazing women are. You Mum must be a really special inspiration to you! By, the way, love the fabric:)

mandapanda said...

Oooh! I love this Christmas fabric!! Especially the little kitties!!