Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Busy mummy far from yummy..

Oh I feel so exhausted just from keeping 3 kids entertained, distracted, disciplined and educated. It is very hard work. As I am sure many of you know... and some more than only 3.
Why is it that they always whinge and whine about utter starvation whilst unpacking the groceries ffrom the car? Why is it that they cannot wait till all bags are in the kitchen before telling you what it is they need to eat or they are going to die? And why is it that they insist (chuck a tantrum) on eating something before it even gets to the pantry shelf? especially when they only had the weetbix wiped from their faces 2 minutes before going to the supermarket?? (it is only a minute drive each way!!) I can so remember doing the same (whinging) when I was little..except back then parents(mothers) werent dragged off the police station if they left 3 kids sitting in the carpark for an hour or so while your mum did the monthly(yes thats true!) grocery shop...Think think think, what would I have liked my mum to do when I saw those choccy biccys and tried so hard to convince her to let me eat one before I died????
PLAN _ next time shopping, buy extra packet of something, give to kids to hold on the way home and let them cut loose as soon as I get home, put groceries away in peace, all happy!!
enough mummy talk...........

Here are a few shots of the pattern I have drafted off for the chocolate linen dress I mentioned in the previous post. All I have to do is the hem and it is all done, but here are the design shots.. I bought this handy little bendable tape measure/ruler a while ago and it has definitely been worth the money. I have used it here to add the 1cm seam allowances to the pattern, and I get the exact curve I need.

I feel so slack about not posting lately but it truly reflects the spare time in life.. I'm one of those anal people (is that ok to admit?) that cannot relax and do something for myself unless all household duties are finished and the image of spotlessness is achieved.. Yeah, yeah call me Mrs Windex, my husband does. Perhaps I need some shock treatment, or worse....(Call me a shrink). I constantly (whilst windexing) think of a quote I read somewhere on a crafty blog sidebar about 'a clean house was a sign of a wasted life' or something to that effect in a more crafty orientated way, true yes, but it has become a bit of an obsession for me.. (OOOh that hurt, better read my Dr Phil book and see if that is at all normal??)

So I will attempt to sew, more, very soon. I need to finish the brown dress and this little pinafore for miss 4.5... I only need make the shoulder straps and take up the hem, or rolled hem it on the overlocker?? wait and see. Is it a good or bad thing when you start to send unused fabric to St Vinnies? the yellow garbage bag in the photo is all unwanted fabric and I am thinking, enough stashing, more sewing..


Jodie said...

at 16 and 13 my kids are exactly the same and the day after shopping , complain that there is nothing to eat!

Emmarose said...

I have grappled for years with keeping my home in tip top shape and having time for myself..... I find it almost impossible to do both to perfection. Nowadays, I am happier to let the house be 'a home' and be an artistic/creative Mum, and know in my heart that Country Living is unlikely to show up unannounced to photograph my gallery style home! Hope you were spoilt on Mummy's Day:)