Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some girl time..

I have had the most enjoyable weekend (not productive) for a long time.. My sewing group hired a hall and we locked ourselves in for most of the weekend.
Friday night was a late one and Saturday we sewed from 8.30am till 10pm at night... Oh what joy.
There was lots of quilts, Santa sacks, peasant tops & dresses, monogrammed pillowcases, skirts, and lots of chatter..

I procrastinated for way too long and drank plenty of coffee and probably just enjoyed having female company, instead of kids talk for a change.. oh and there were are a few sneak trips to spotlight too!!!
I did manage to finish these few things and of course a sew-athon wouldn't be complete with several half finished things, you know, the elastic to put in and the fiddly bits to go!! On the pile you go..