Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First time tagged.........

Thanks so very much, I've been tagged for the very first time, by the queen of fray and babycakes.
I will do my best, So here goes..
Four jobs I've had:
Office administration - Wholesale food Distributor
I was the only female amongst 14 men! I know lots about mens genitals and football, not by choice.. Once again lots of free food.. 4 years
Office Manager - Real Estate
Wore a lovely suit, got my license, got bored...2 years
Accounts Manager - Wholesale Food distributor(Same place)
Felt like I never left, Learnt more about blokey things, took maternity leave, never went back....I miss the laughs though...4years
Mother - partner in own business
Oh gee all the time I spent envying those mothers pushing their prams around the streets when I had to work... I am on duty 24/7 and wouldnt have it any other way.
Four places I have lived.
I have lived in the same district all my life
Western Victoria..
Four Places I have been on a holiday
I have travelled around Australia twice, lots of places. But the special places that come to mind are:
Brampton Island - Honeymoon
Kakadu - Northern Territory
Broome - Western Australia
Daintree - Queensland
Four of my favourite dishes
Anything chicken, I dont do any other meats at all..
Chocolate, I am addicted to chocolate
Caffeine - however it comes, coffee or coke (addicted here too)
Cheesecake - preferably baked..
Four websites I visit daily
Dashin Fashion
Thanks for that Emma, I will have to find some crafty types to hand this onto...

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CurlyPops said...

I used to live in the Western District when I was a kid....Penshurst, Dunkeld (Victoria Valley) and Hamilton!