Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vera Jean here I come

I have finally done it, I have chosen a name for my wares.
After having lists of names hanging around for months now.
I have tried to combine, search for opposites, synonyms, foreign languages,You name it.
I have gone completely left of field and chosen something completely unlikely and have decided to register the name "Vera Jean". Plus it wasn't taken like many others I liked...

It is a combination of my two grandmothers. They are/were both extremely talented crafters. I still have my Nanna Jean. She still sews today in her late 80's. My Nanna Vera passed away a week before my wedding, (10 years ago). She and my Pop lived straight over the back fence of our first home (yeah we lived in sin for a while)... Vera was an obsessed historian and had books on everything. I can clearly remember playing scrabble at the card table in front of the heater if we were fortunate enough to stay for a visit. She always kept an enormous dictionary beside her recliner to settle any arguments. She was a very clever lady, somehow she had trained my Poppy and he did all the washing ironing and even dishes and vacuuming.. Way to go lady.
I had sewing group last night and took along a stack of items that just needed buttonholes and buttons. I hate buttonholes...and sewing on buttons.
I have been very absent over the past months , and for very good reason. I am the fundraising coordinator at my daughters kinder and have spent the last many months organising a fundraising dinner auction. It has been a lot of hard and thankless work but it has all paid off. The auction was a huge success and we raised over $9,000.00 . So now I have trodden that path I am more than pleased to have my spare time and life back. SO here I come. watch out,....

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Jodie said...

How exciting , My kids are way to big for your things (I think) but I look forward to checking it out. I think Vera jean is the best name ever !!!! Truly!!
How in the world did you raise so much money???