Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Peace and tranquility nearly..

Its back to school and kinder and i am wandering around like a lost sheep, no arguments to moderate, No constant requests for food and drinks (Mister 2 helps himself to the bananas).. It is that long since I felt any kind of creative urge, I think it might have up and moved out!!

The only crafty thing I have done in the last fortnight is I have made a series of canvas paintings for Miss 4.5. I used to pictures from her doona and made 3 small paintings to hang on her wall.

The inspiration came from her bed linen. We have a princess, a unicorn and a castle.

I sat last night glued to the couch while watching Project Runway Australia. I love this show.. The judges got it so wrong last night. I mean who in their right mind would wear boardshorts and a mesh top to a bar??? Not sure why you would wear a trenchcoat to the beach either??? And the frocker sure did make a shocker.. I cant wait until they get a chance to shine in their chosen style, Ooh I love it...

A little tiny visitor!!!
During the week we had a visitor, I tiny little visitor ( His mum came too, I'm totally dry!)
4 weeks old and only just 7lb... Oh how nice to have cuddles without the sleepless nights that go with ownership... It has lead to many questions since. "Where does the baby come out?? Does it hurt?" My reply. The doctor helps, You dont need to worry about that until you get married sweetie!!!

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