Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back in the land of sewing`

Oh it feels like forever, I think I had inherited someone elses tumbleweed... This space has been well and truly deserted for some time now... Tsk tsk..

I have been sewing but havent found time to report it.. so here is a really quick catch up.

I have just finished adding the pictures to my last post ( a month old), after waiting for the pictures to upload, now I understand why I never have time to do this....

After a small amount of stitching thismorning, I have the enthusiasm to upload some more pictures.

My friend who came for a hat making sewathon this morning had made a gorgeous skirt for her daughter and my girls loved it. So as I approved of the cutesy fabric (It is brown!!! whats not to love!!!) I headed off and bought the fabric and tackled one for Miss4.5... I used embroidery thread in the loopers of the overlocker to give the edge a nice sheen... I like it.

I also added a layer at the bottom to give it some weight and a bit of a contrast.

She has worn it quite a few times and had lots of compliments too.. That's always a great reward. A happy child in a project that didn't take long..

It does help when there is very little procrastinating over what fabrics to use...

Another reason I think I have been missing in blogland is that I am totally addicted to Project Runway.. I love it, I could watch it every day. It is just the ulitmate for a garment sewer like me.. The Australian version starts next week and I cannot wait.

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Jodie said...

Nice to see you back !!!