Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stitches and Craft review.

I went, I saw amazing things, I met amazing people.. The day was awesome!!
My friend Jacqui from my sewing group came too and we had a great day out.
I didnt take the camera, but Jacqui took this one of me in front of my favourite quilt pattern, the Aunt Becs 9 patch... ( I look like a damn rabbit!)

I picked up a few fat quarters from the infamous amitie, A long coveted pattern from Jodie for the kinder girls, A purse frame kit from Nicole Mallalieu, Some postcards and tags from Fii, Some wool from Yarn Barn and a few beads and things...

I had some of the sewing girls around last night and I shouldve taken some pics but got sidetracked playing the wii.. I was a little bugged as the linen for the back of my quilt was all sold out and I have now decided to make a patchwork back also..

I have also been busy crocheting this lovely scarf from ravelry after seeing this one.. It isnt as bold as I had hoped, as dear hubby said, the colors look a little like vomit. (Thanks honey!)

I am feeling very poorly this afternoon, The old saying goes -'if you cant beat them join them'.. Hubby dragged me to the gym about a month ago and now I am enjoying at least 3 trips a week..( I even joined him at bootcamp for a morning- holy crap!!)

I stepped the pace up a little with his challenge of doing BodyAttack this morning.. Oh how unfit am I, I sweated so much I have had a headache all day, despite drinking so much that the toilet has been my best friend all avo..


noolygirl said...

you don't look like a bunny at all!! looks like you had fun... wish i could go...
hope you're feeling better,,,

ivy designs said...

Guess what - you are the winner of our competition! Congrats! Please email me your postal details...I have lost your email address! Cheers, Wynona

Susan in Canada said...

When I'm reading quilt blogs - including yours - I always log onto your blog first to listen to your music while I read quilt blogs - many thanks for your quilt inspirations as well as the good music -