Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back living again!! - the no sew school holidays..

Hi there, I just want to make it clear that this IS A SEWING BLOG!!! (and crafty other stuff) but because I didnt get to do any of that stuff over the school hol's, I am going to bore you with the things that I did get up to!!..
Firstly (so I have a nice picture at the top) I did cover these 3 canvases with my very special Aunty Cookie fabric from Kelani...
NOW, onto the other stuff (so you dont think Ive been hibernating for a month!)

We decided to do the backyard finally in the holidays, so in true Extreme style the hubby bought in the digger to prepare the site... Lets call this the BEFORE picture

We spent the first weekend of the school holidays in Melbourne gathering some large palms for our back yard.. Yes my hubby does everything to the Extreme... Let me tell you it was a long, tiring weekend but very worth it.. If anyone had to drive along the western highway with a palm tree poking into their windscreen in the wee ours of the morning, I sincerely apologise..Then with lots of coffees and lots of beeping and dirt through the house we nearly have a pool hole... It is finished now but I have failed to take a shot of that yet..

By the time the pool is ready to swim in, the penguins should be ready to leave the aquarium and they can move straight in..ha ha..not!

I received the most lovely prize from dear Wynona over at Ivy Designs... Thankyou soo much..
It was the most lovely wrapped parcel , The girls loved the button rings and I was the lucky model for the hair clip, and that bag oh my!! It is reserved for special girly functions (yes to share!!!)...
Oh the joy of those school holidays.. I need to reacquaint myself with the clothesline because the dryer was way too much easier in times of chaos..
I thought this would be quick but after all the accidental deleting of photos and the spreading out that happens everytime I upload another photo (because of my accidental deleting) this has taken a painful hour or more!!! Damn I am home alone, little man at kinder and I had intended on rebooting the Janome's from their long slumber, but now its time to fly again... Oh when will life slow down???
PS - I had a birthday last week, check out those gorgeous flowers from my MIL...Happy sewing all you lucky people who can actually find the time!!


The Humming Cat said...

Happy Birthday!!
Your home is very beautiful.

ivy designs said...

Wow, loving your house!!! Also love the photos, especially of your little girls. Very cute! Wynona x

Jodie said...

Jo, you are so busy.... You need to have a little rest.
I love the canvasses-they really look great!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Never stops at your house! Love the canvases, they are perfect on that wall. And that bag! Love it! Don't give it to the kids, use it yourself!!