Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yo-Yo's and Gourmet Pies

I have made my first yo-yo. I decided to make a home for my sewing scissors. So after finding and preparing the tin, I got out the felt, lined the base, then cut, glued and the rest is history....Although after doing this I decided I should start a little collection of vintage flower buttons.. I have a few, but not quite enough...what an excuse.

My absolute favourite buttons are Mother of Pearl which I try to use on everything!!!!. and maybe I need some more?

So now I have a SCISSOR POT.

I saw this little rosette on a website and I presume it is a set of yo-yo's so I might give it a go one day soon.....

After indulging in so much time wasting for myself, I thought I should treat my dear husband to one of his all time favourite foods. Home made Gourmet meat-pies...
I never follow a recipe, unless it is cakes and biscuits. So I just browsed through the spice drawer and popped a bit of this and that into the mix, lots of Gravy mix and home-made Tomato sauce.
The kids love watching the pastry get cut out, I think that is why I find them asking for round sandwiches. They have such creative thinking and when I say " I cannot cut a round sandwich!". They get the pie making cutter and shake it at me like I am utterly daft."Yeah, with this!"
So here are my yummy pies.

A few months ago, whilst tossing around ideas of selling my childrenswear, I bought a new pattern drafting book, just for children. It is absolutely loaded with valuable information and will be very useful when I alter or design patterns. I am keen to design and make all my own things.
I have long admired things that friends have bought from City markets only to discover that some of these dresses and tops are actually made in China. How do you know what is really custom or handmade anymore???

Does everyone have one of these bobbin holders? They are worth their weight in gold, especially when little people are about....
As for the Heather Bailey, I still cant decide what to do. Not the standard shift dress that is about, something a bit more funky... More homework is needed before I cut into this one..

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Cathy said...

your scissor tin looks great - have you got a yo yo maker? I have so I have jars full of them. Not sure what to do with them yet.

I don't have a bobbin holder - I was noticing that in your last post and was going to ask you about it.

Those pies look good too - I have just started the after holiday diet!!! So life is pretty boring in the kitchen at the moment.