Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Pattern Books & more sewing

I got 2 new Japanese sewing books today.
Koharu no fuku and Girly Style Wardrobe.
Girly Style Wardrobe appears to be every bit as good as I had expected and I am eagerly trying to decide which one to sew first...... I won't pass judgement on the other one yet, but so far I only have the urge to make 1 particular item in it..
* But today I finished the skirt out of this book.

I used a quilting fabric, that had a herringbone texture to it, it was like brushed cotton. really nice, will be very transeasonal.

The skirt took no time to whip up, Miss4.5 was very excited and quickly popped it on and asked if she could pose for another photo... How could I refuse. Here is the finished outfit.
The fabric was just beautiful to sew and I am sure once I steal it and wash it in the cover of darkness it will come up beautifully.
I am really happy with all the sewing from my Japanese pattern books so far. I now have 4 books in total.
I have to cut out a 2 dresses yet and Miss6 is starting to complain about the lack of modelling opportunities. It is funny how I find it hard to get the required inspiration for mundane domestic duties, but just a few quick glamour shots are no problem. It must paint a very weird picture of me cruising around the house like some famous freelance photographer.. Whatever gets you motivated

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tuttifruiti said...

I've had my eye on this book for a while. Have you seen this version of the apron dress on the cover


Thanks also for your comment on my blog. I love the ruffler, but you can't estimate the length of your ruffle. It's a bit of hit and miss..it just has an adjustment for the distance between each ruffle.