Monday, January 28, 2008


What is rousabout?

As an australian, a rousabout is the person who works in the woolshed at shearing time. They pick up and clean up after the shearers ( in basic terms).

They go flat out, sorting, cleaning, picking up, tossing fleeces, getting in more sheep etc.

I think that mothers are just a domestic rousabout. They go like crazy all day, cleaning and picking up just so the place can look the same as it did that morning.

So when I decided to give my sewn items a label, I thought long and hard of a name that was undoubtedly australian yet related to my bustling lifestyle as a mother.
When I first began sewing labelled garments, I made very traditional things, like Rugby tops, collared shirts, peasant tops and tiered skirts. While I still like the appeal of those Aussie Classic styles, I have an addiction for Euro childrens fashion. Namely the french labels Jean Bourget and Cakewalk from the Netherlands. I love simplicity and have now moved towards the Japanese sewing books, and I am currently going crazy collecting them. Move over Ottobre there are some new books on the shelf..

Sometimes I browse through etsy and see some gorgeous cutesy names,(fruit+colour+animal etc.) but I have a squillion little woven labels and couldn't waste them just on a whim for a more contemporary name. So ROUSABOUT it is.

I will let my product do the talking. ( Once I figure out just how to market it and where?)

These are some shots of my new sewing room. We just built a new house and I have my very own dedicated sewing room, with benches all way round and a built-in robe for all my fabric and mags etc. I still need more shelving so that inspiration is only at a glance, but I am getting there. I have a Memorycraft 10000, which I should sew with more often, But my trusty 4000 never lets me down...
I have a flip out ironing board and a big window for plenty of sky views. What more could a woman want??I know, more time to sew.....YES

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