Saturday, January 26, 2008

Japanese Pattern Drafting

Today I covered new territory, I drafted off my first Japanese pattern, ok about 4 really.
Once I got the pattern sheet out I found the pieces quite easily.
I am starting with this set, top a and skirt b.

I worked out the easiest way to draft the pattern succesfully and I hope it will lead to much less frustration when cutting or piecing.

*Firstly look at the cutting layout picture for the garment and add the seam allowances and hem allowances according to the diagram. The little 3 inside the hemline meant add 3 centimetres, so I having done this , I marked it on the pattern.
I have also worked out the symbols that mean front and back.
I have been reading that a lot of people use paper to draft off patterns, I always buy a roll of cheap interfacing to use for patterns. You dont need to pin it onto the fabric as it stays put once in position. It doesnt tear, you can fold it up or roll it up. I like to store my patterns in a snap lock bag with the details written on the front in texta. If I get my act together I will scan the pattern info from the mag or book and put it into the bag also, saves wear and tear on the book.....
Just this morning I have stumbled across this great step by step post that covers everything I have just done and was about to say.... look here first!!!Thought and thimble
O.k. Here is the pictures of top 'a' from my first Japanese sewing book Onnanoko no Oyoufuku Camisole Kara Kichinto Fuku Made ....

My little Miss4 was wrapt and asked whilst posing for the pics, "can I play with this on now?". Its always nice to be appreciated!!!

I made the size 110 and it fits really well, It was easy to put together, the worst part was deciding which buttons looked best. Onward to the next item.....I am already thinking which books I need next.. I did really love the "My favourite Style" book for myself..


Cathy said...

gorgeous top and your little model is just beautiful.

Glad you worked the patterns out!

Kara said...

Cute. Cute. Cute.

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