Friday, January 18, 2008

my blogging debut

Pleased to meet you..
After much thought and trepidation I have begun the journey and responsibilty of my very own blog. I hope I can produce some fabulous links, photos and information that people will enjoy, just as I have learnt so much from surfing through some of the most fantastic and inspirational blogs ever....
It feels strange typing messages to the unknown, but I will see how it goes.

My name is Jo and I am a stay at home mother of 3 children, we have our own earthmoving business ( my husband and I) so that keeps us all busy. We have just finished building a new home and are busy landscaping (though it is quicker with a bobcat!).
In between all these other duties I have a passion for fine fabric, fashion & quality stitching.
I have sewn ever since my feet could reach the pedal. Busy whipping up anything I could find inspiration from in Mums Fabric stash, which I remember thinking was the most magical bottomless box ever.
Since having children, I have really used my sewing as my sanctuary, My husband bought me a new Memorycraft 10000, I am sure he could see the hours I was going to be spending inside now. I have built up quite a collection of sewing machines including my newest edition the Janome CoverPro. I love my Janome's. I have 4.
I am the proud owner of a fabric stash that even my mother shakes her head at as though I've done something terribly taboo. ( although I have seen pics posted that make my stash look like a scrap bag. I will take a shot and post it soon.
I now design a lot of my own patterns, and send my 2 little girls off in their rousabout dresses almost every day.
I am awaiting my first order of Japanese sewing books from Yesasia and I am itching to start sewing some lovely things. They have great classic styles just delicious.....
Time for a coffee. It looks like the drought has broken I can hardly hear my typing over the rain and thunder....looks like all the drought tolerant plants we put in might drown....go figure.
Heres a shot of my husbands idea of Power gardening...........

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