Sunday, February 1, 2009

Controlled Chaos

Where did those 6 weeks go?? All that organising I did weeks ago and today I still find myself feeling like a mouse running in a wheel.. Will I ever find the cheese??

I am halfway through making slices and muffins for the school lunches, Have the labelling machine out ready to print and iron the new items, Lunchboxes at the ready, New shoes have been worn in and polished up again, Now today has consisted of ,what I call some serious multi-tasking!!

I have been a little preoccupied too, I have scoured the world of all the disappearing nine patch quilts and I bow down to you "oh great one" Annie, Yours is the finest of them all!!
Now I am begging of you, help me please with your expertise ( crikey that rhymes!) I am going to make one of these to practise my piecing and cutting skills before I cut into the Big one.. So tell me, (any opinions would be greatly appreciated!!)I thought I would use this stash from Provincial Patch.. Do these colors look ok?? I thought I would keep the brown in the centre, so It would end up as the small square, then alternate the red and green, keeping the blue on the corners so they stay large.. (or should I cut up a couple??) I have also realised that the brown print is the same as a red one and that could look dicky if they were beside one another..
This quilting business is a little tricky but addictive isnt it!! I havent even started yet and my mind is already thinking of others.. I think that I have crafters ADD.

See the two prints the same! the brown and red with the palm leaves.. I need to keep them way apart dont I? I actually like the plain brown for a centre.. maybe just throwing in the odd brown print.
I made a flower badge for miss P's new school bag today, that way she can see her bag hanging on the hook from a mile away..

Oh and I got this a few weeks back from the fabulous Missie Krissie.. It was delivered within 48 hours of ordering and I love it!!! Some of my sewing girlfriends suggested that I could use a little red sticky dot to hide someones name if they had been naughty!! thus threatening their status with a red sticker.. he he.. too funny


noolygirl said...

beautiful pics...
cant you do a simulation on the computer with photoshop, cutting the 9 patch and moving around the pieces to see if you like it?

btw, I tagged you on my blog... check it out...

bianca said...

Quilt blocks are looking good. Looking forward to the finished masterpiece. xox