Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heat, Wind and Fire!!

Oh my what a shocker of a day!
It is blowing an absolute gale and the heat!, Well it feels like I have jumped inside a furnace.
Then whilst surfing the net moments ago, I look out and see this out my office window..

We are in a new estate and there are only 3 rows of houses between us and that smoke... Open paddocks after that and the river is just off to the left, so lots of dry wood and not much water unfortunately. The helicopter is buzzing around and the sirens are very frequent. This is nothing like gippsland people are experiencing but it does get the adrenalin going.

At least with all that terrible wind, the soot wont be landing on us for the next day. I just hope they manage to get it all under control soon, There are a lot of spot fires starting up from blown embers.. Mother Nature!, it must just be PMS..

On a nicer note, my little baby started 3 year old kinder this week and he is so very proud of himself.. He wants to go every day. I didnt even have separation issues.. from him that is at least.
Till next time, Bring on the cool change!!


Cathy said...

stay safe and cool. Love the photo of your kids! The time will fly now!

Jodie said...

Hey Jo...You guys Ok?
What a shocker of a day. Its cooler here this morning but the promised rain is nowhere in sight..

Stacey said...

That's way too close to home. I hope everything wasy okay.

Lavon said...

When I saw the picture was instantly scared for you and your family. Please stay safe

rachelmp said...

Hi Jo. I hope you are staying safe. Looks a bit close in your pic. Great pic of the kids though!

Em said...

Stay safe!. Just to let you know I have tagged you on my blog today to take up the 6 and 6 photo challenge! Hope you don't mind!

Selina said...

I just tagged you too for 6 x 6, what a popular girl!

Stay safe

Kerri said...

That looks whey to close. Look after yourself.fin

Christie said...

Hope you are all ok, that is a bit too clsoe for comfort!