Friday, January 30, 2009

The heatwave!! and a little stitching

We arrived back from our holiday in Warrnambool yesterday and I wish we could have brought the sea breeze back with us.. We had a great time and the kids loved Lake Pertobe Playground!! especially the flying fox.

It is 46 degrees at the moment and the forecast says lots of 40+ weather yet to come.
Even the Yuccas are char grilled from the wind.
I had a little sew up this afternoon.
My youngest daughter is starting school on Monday and because she suffers anaphylaxis I need to provide the school with 2 epi-pens.
These need to be in an insulated pouch, so that was this afternoons task..
I pondered on cutting up a few stubbie holders but then after googling how hard it was to sew neoprene, I decided a new sewing machine motor wasnt worth it..
Dear hubby popped in to the local surfy/outdoors shop and came home with a piece of wetsuit foam.. A little test sew and it was just like sewing timtex stuff..
I sandwiched the foam between two pieces of fabric. and stitched it down.
Then disaster struck.................
The damn walking foot had vibrated the screw loose that tightens the needle in place, the needle fell out and on the downward stitch the shank hit the needle and broke it... I thought I had killed the poor thing.. I thought I was in big trouble..
I put in a new needle and put it all back together and it wouldnt sew, there was a funny noise that wasnt there before!! Oh dear what to do???
Then looky what I found under the bobbin case!!!!!!!!!- the middle section of the needle... Thankgod, no damage done (I hope), so whilst mid surgery, I thought a de-fluff might be in order.. and yes it was.
I turfed the walking foot back in the draw and used the standard foot, all that clicking and clunking of the walking foot was making me nervous..
A loop on the back to hang it up in the classroom
Then some tape binding on the edges..
(I really like this look, It is telling me "Make a satchel")

Pop in the all important epi-pen

And we are all set, I am pleased with that. But I still have to make some more. I am off to sewing group in a moment, so if I dont chatter too much, maybe I can whip up a couple more..


Julie said...

Great idea. I keep my sons in a small insulated lunch bag. What you have made is a lot better. I wonder if I lined it with a couple of layers of wool fabric???? I could always refashion the lunch bag into a more portable carrier for school, he starts prep this week.

Holly said...

Eek! I'm always scared of my needle breaking and shooting off into my eye - maybe I should sew with safety googles on.

The epipen case looks fantastic!


Linda B said...

oooh this is brilliant! I hope you don't mind me posting your blog on my blog :)