Sunday, January 11, 2009

The big blog meet!!

I am all inspired to sew today after meeting so many fabulous lovely crafters yesterday, amongst them some very accomplished and even rather 'craft-famous' people.

There was Jodie of course from Ric Rac, Trash, quiltingB, Silly Gilly, Four Wise Monkeys, Our Shabby Cottage, Annie aka Flower Garden, Emma from Ballarat patchwork , Janeys relaxation, Lara aka Thornberry, Holly aka Two Cheese Please, Dont Look Now!, Little Red Hen, & Nicole Mallalieu of You sew girl.

We met at Ballarat Patchwork and basically took over the shop.. I managed to find some gorgeous pieces for my very first quilt.. I am a bit scared about too much color, but I will leave it laid out to procrastinate over for a while!!
Then we cruised over to Eureka Park for some lunch under the hugest Oak trees ever.. ( I kept waiting for one of Jodies little boys (dolls) to come parachuting out of the trees!)

It was a lovely day and was nice to meet all of the crafters and hear of some amazing accomplishments and I feel very inspired and also honoured to have been in the company of such lovely like-minded ladies!..

Thanks Jodie for the great day, The florentine recipe best be posted soon.. And It was a little bit surreal to actually see the selvedge frock in real life..

I am going to sew, right now!!

PS - I dont have a photo yet, but I have a new necklace made just for me from the soon to be famous Missie Krissie.. It is stunning and I love it!! Check her out, she is amazing.


Missie Krissie said...

Thanks Jo, even more jealous that I didn't get to the big meet! Looks like a great day!

Sonya said...

Hey there,
Good to meet you yesterday. What a small world, hey? :o)
I love your blog. The new fabric you bought will make a lovely quilt. Some of the fabric was designed by Emma at the Ballarat Patchwork shop, so it really is local.
Oh, and I have finally jumped in and posted to my own blog - don't know why I waited so long!
Anyhow, hope to meet you again some time, only without the complimentary tour around Ballarat next time!!

trashalou said...

thanks for coming to hang out with non-axe-murderer crafty people under those enormous trees - it was great fun wasn't it?

looking forward to seeing how your quilt develops.

Black Eyed Susie said...

Lucky you! Sometimes I feel a bit envious being down here in Tassie although there are great bloggers here too and I should try to meet some more.

Your fabric looks great - you shouldn't worry and Happy Anniversary!

Bernadette said...

Nice to meet you yesterday Jo and I love your fabrics, should make a gorgeous quilt. That Aunt Bec's quilt is also one I would like to of the many!

Jodie said...

Thanks for coming all that way Jo - it really was a great day and so good to meet you. Don't stress about the quilt - they are meant to take a long time ...
Shall we do it again sometime????

Lavon said...

What a beautiful day and wonderful weather you had.

I am battling snow and ice. Sounds like you all had a great time.

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Annie said...

What a lovely day we all had together. I am still recovering, but did some quilting of my own today. I LOVE your fabric choices. Don't look for too long, just jump in - it's fun, I promise. Great to meet you!