Friday, October 24, 2008

pincushion madness

I have always been and avid lover of the magnetic pin holder due to the picking up ease, but recently I have noticed the elves in this house have been moving them around.

I have 3 sewing machines with screens on them and I don't fancy having a magnet put too close to cause them any damage.. not to mention the laptop and the computers inside the machines.. eek
So today, as promised, I have photos of the Dear Fii pincushion. The pattern is available for download here..

A lovely chocolate linen for the bottom. Then my little elves transferred some pins into the new softie!.. Can you tell we are just a little bit pedantic!
Then this morning I decided that for years now I have been admiring the Heather Bailey pear pincushion. Of Course, I am a full on DIY type and made my own pear pattern.. That's when things looked a bit 'pear shaped' he he he... I should have taken a photo next to something else so you could see how HUGE it turned out!!! I didn't think of leaves until nearly finished so just pulled them on over the stem!.. I also poked a little pocket of rice in his bottom to keep him standing nice and tall.. I reckon there is enough stuffing inside him for a small pillow.!!!
Onto the next thing..a coffee and some serious planning. Next weekend my sewing group are having a lock in/out.. A child free weekend of sewing and chatting!!! yippeee..


noolygirl said...

gorgeous and gorgeous!
I love pin cushions... maybe I will attempt some as well....

bianca said...

They look great Jo! xox

Lavon said...

This is a great idea for my fabric scraps.

Lissa Jane said...

I love the pear pincushion.. too cute!

Your kitty is a cutie pie too!!!