Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Elephants and Monkeys

Well, I nearly feel human again after a daring weekend in Melbourne.. We needed to attend my niece's birthday in Melbourne at no other places than the Melbourne Zoo.. Just to paint a nice clear picture, We live about 3-4 hours from Melbourne... So the journey is long and painful, especially knowing that by the time you hit the city traffic there are 3 squirming little bodies that have just contained themselves for way too long!!

The birthday girl with my 3 kids..

Because of the weather and the deteriorating yields, dh was busy doing contract windrowing so it was a superwoman job... Yes, 3 kids, no Melbourne driving skills and the anxiety of all the issues that were likely to arise and the knowledge that I would be dealing with them alone was not at all exciting let me tell you!!!

But I toughened up, packed the car, bought the kids a toy each and some new colouring books and off we headed.. a 2 night stay out in the nether regions of Dandenong and we have survived, we saw the animals, we blew out the candles and of course we saw lots of roadworks (which are a highlight to a 2 year old who has been raised driving diggers and bobcats!)

I didnt get to the Sisters market which was on the wish list, but after 3 hours at the zoo, the kids were asleep before I drove out of the carpark.

The highlight was seeing a baboon with a bottom that looked like a rainbow, and also a monkey that scratched his bum and then sniffed his finger.. (continually!)

Now this week, once I catch up on the washing from the 3 days away, I plan to make a pincushion, designed by the one and only Dear Fii....


Bianca said...

You mad girl! The kids look like they had a good time. Hope it was worth it! xox

noolygirl said...

Wow! I am in awe! I am scared to do day trips with my two.
Your children are absolutely beautiful. How old are they?

GingerLouise Clothing said...

I love that brown dress, did you design it--stop by again for my give away...