Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sidetracked in a sea of pink

Lucy Top

I am in school holiday mode, the washing machine is not getting a break, the ironing basket seems to refill itself daily and the food is dissapearing too!!

Time out for me!! - I decided it was high time to sort through the stash and trim some bits for a very special project... While sorting and snipping I found some long forgotten bits and pieces You know when you see it on the roll at the store and think of all these great ideas and just HAVE TO HAVE IT>>>> But I was inspired to make the girls some buntings for their bedroom walls.

I had clipped this pic out of a magazine some years back and thought it would also make a great gift for some little girls who were soon to have birthdays.. So with my little ironing lass, we cut and made triangles all afternoon..

We traced the letters, she ironed them on and along we went in a sea of pink...

I have stopped momentarily to refill the biscuit barrell..

Meanwhile here is a sneak peek at the nearly finished Audrey top..

These two tops are only my test sew items, I hope to make them in a linen blend in several colours.. though it probably wont happen in the holidays I am guessing.. Then I hope someone wants to buy them!

It is very difficult to sew whilst counting for the skipping rope or resolve arguments over who had which texta first!!
The Audrey Top

And this little parcel will be on its way today, fully stacked with goodness and a few hand sketched pictures by the girls...possibly even some bikky crumbs by now!!


trashalou said...

I love that top - what size are you making them for?

Jodie said...

Oh wow - I hope it lives up to everyones expectations !!!
Those are some seriously professional looking biscuits you have rustled up.
Love Lucy and Audrey , they are beautiful, such clean lines - gorgeous.

Christie said...

That 'lucy' top is fantastic- LOVE it!

noolygirl said...

what a great idea for a birthday gift! May I adopt it?